Parents make rules, children follow rules – it’s just the way it is!

There will always be rules.
In general, parents make rules, and children obey them. That’s just the way it is.

But even parents are children.

The thing Is, Parents are older and know things which can hurt children. Thus they make rules to prevent the chance of hurt.
The rules are made to protect children, from not just other people, but from themselves, and each other.
They may not always seem fair or the same as other parents rules, but they are the rules you must live by.

Living by their rules is a consequence of being their children, and receiving the benefits that brings. A home to live in not just a house. Hot and cold running water, food on the table and three meals a day. Clean clothes, Wide screen tv, unlimited internet (or so you’d think!), dvds xbox, lollies, Ipods, mobile phones, holidays to wonderful places.

You might think it’s unfair, but the thing is that in order to give you all of these things, your parents have to follow rules as well. And most of those rules are much worse than the few rules they impose on you.

They don’t like it either and they get punished as well when they break rules. For example if they don’t pay their mobile phone bill, they will not be allowed to own a phone. If they speed, then they pay a fine – hundreds of dollars, and if they do it again they might even lose their license.

You see we all live by rules, the ones god gave us – the ten commandments, the ones the world gives is – the Laws of society and government, then there’s the ones school gives us, and the ones our friends give us – in order to be their friend. And yes, the ones our parents make. And in the end there’s the ones we give ourselves.

So, no matter who we are we all live by rules, and when we break them we get punished, somehow, someday it catches up with us.

Why do we have rules? Well, why do you have rules? To keep you happy. Well it’s the same for everyone else, so in general it’s to keep us ALL happy! At least most of the time anyway.

Can you fight or disobey the rules? Yes. But don’t expect to get any of the benefits that obeying the rules bring. No food, or hot showers, no holidays, no internet, no tv, no cosy warm bed at night.

But why do we get punished? Punishment is to help us remember that what we did was wrong so that next time we remember what’s right.

But they aren’t fair! That’s true some aren’t fair. But really they just don’t seem fair. There are probably things that you are allowed to do that others have rules against, and don’t seem fair to them. Some families for example have rules that say no-one watches tv or internet – at all! That may not seem fair either but some people believe that tv and the internet put children in serious danger. Hence they have a rules to prevent it harming their children.

So, again, not all rules seem fair, but they are the rules, and if you want to enjoy the benefits that your life brings, then there will always be rules which you have to obey. If you don’t like it then you need to be prepared to give it all up, and live alone. But even then there will still be rules – you can’t escape it.

That’s just the way it is.

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