Why I do what i do?

(We’ll get onto the How and what, but first things first.)

Martin Seligman defines authentic happiness as doing something you have a talent for, with others, that is of value to someone else .

From an early age I had both a fascination with complex puzzles, and a talent for figuring them out.  This is not the same as following instructions in a way that is required to assemble the fearsome “flat pack” (although sometimes it is), but more – given little or no information – still get the thing to work.

Solving these “unsolvable” puzzles has always given me great satisfaction, and in helping others solve them, allowed me the double high score – do something in life which is of great value to others, and that I have a talent for and enjoy.

Is it any wonder then in my professional career, I have ended up in the IT Industry, supporting people in business!  I have made a career out of finding people that need help to get things to work, which they neither have the time, the patience, nor the inclination to get to work, but need nonetheless.

From the relatively humble (not so simple) “Blackberry”, to the mid tier accounting solution, to the complex, but elegant Business Intelligence solution, there will always be someone who needs help with these, and that is what I do.

Why is the IT industry a perfect home for my talent??  Well mostly because there are often little or no instructions available to achieve what most people would consider “the obvious”.

In a way this is not unlike building a house…  we all know how to do it kind of, but how many of us would be able to build one?  Sure we can do courses, but there is still a lot of information left out, that is only gained through large aounts of practice, and learning.

So if you need something technical figured out then I’m your guy….

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