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When you go to work are you killing time, or respecting yourself?

From Evernote:

When you go to work are you killing time, or respecting yourself?

I reflected this morning on the activity known as "wiping the bench down". I know, not much else to think about. When you are asked, or even think to – "wipe down the bench" – do you do exactly that? No more, and no less. I mean that’s the task right?

Or is it? I mean that’s what you might have been "asked" to do literally, but is it what was needed. Was it the "true purpose" of the comment? Wasn’t the purpose of the request to "clean the bench top"? I mean, what’s the point of "wiping the bench"? Is it to smear any grime and dirt over the bench, or is it to make it a clean and healthy workspace?

You and i both know the the answer, but why is it that sometimes we just "wipe the bench" when we should "clean the bench"?

By now your’re thinking i’m going nuts, but stick with me. I once came across an interesting take on the meaning of getting paid to do work. In essence it states that there will be "consideration, in this case agreement to pay wages in exchange for performance of work". What does this mean?

Don’t you get paid for working hours? What has "performance of work" got to do with it? Well maybe i’m being a bit fundamental about this – but an employee is not simply paid for "hours worked" – No – they are provided consideration in return for the performance of work or activities, performed to a satisfactory level.

How this will work though is that if you can’ "perform the activity to a satisfactory level then your boss or other significant person has every right to replace you with someone who can perform better.

So, what has this to do with respecting yourself? Well i ask again – if you are smart enough to know the difference between wiping the bench, and cleaning the bench, then you’d be disrespecting yourself to simply wipe the bench. And so it is with work – if you’re not doing to best you can to perform the work to your highest ability, then is that dissing your boss, or yourself?

So i challenge you – respect yourself – and then others will also.

My best apps for Android (iphone if you can find them)

I keep thinking I should compile this so here it is… You’ll find lists of best apps for the android/iphone, but In some ways it will depend on your need…

appName What it is Android iPhone Other
Feedly Great News and article consolidator Yes Yes Web
MSpot Muic streaming and player
Traffic Monitor See what data you’re really using, or not.
Double twist music player.
Quick Office HD Yes ? ?
Evernote Note taking and sharing tool Yes Yes PC also Scan/photo and store your docs online using your camera Yes ? Web
Thinking Space Mind Mapping software
Dropbox File sharing Yes yes PC also
Camcard Lite Turn business cards into contacts using camera Yes
Just need these
Alarm Clock Plus Best alarm clock Yes ?
Phone weaver Profile manager – sets volume and other settings based on time of day etc. Yes ?
ES File Explorer File Manager / Explorer
Prey Locate and wipe stolen phone Yes No PC also
Tech Tools… Test your link speed Yes Yes PC Test you mobile antenna connection Yes
Fing Network scanner tool Yes
Teamviewer Remote control another machine Yes ? PC also
PocketCloud Remote RDP Terminal Server RDP client Yes
Wifi Analyzer Scan wifi networks.
GPS Test Useful GPS tool Yes
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What’s it all about?

So I thought “how can I share what I’ve learnt and hopefully help others with the same issues, challenges and opportunities.


I’m not one to ramble so hopefully here you will find brief answers to questions.