Go hard early! – Take responsibility for your own issues, and then get the result you want!

For those of us in customer service with a passion for helping people, nothing irritates me more than a “resistant agenda”.

What do I mean by this?? I was once told how Telstra were believed to have what I will call a “resistant agenda”. In their situation, if you called up with a “technical fault” it was said that little would be done until the third time you called, as many of the initial calls were just simply a waste of time, where issues seem to “resolve themselves – or more they would go away without any further action more importantly – expense incurred.

I must say I have to agree with this as a reasonable strategy, for there exist many a situation in customer service where the customer is simply failing to take sufficient responsibility for the own issues themselves (a.k.a. – they’re being lazy!), and properly “Read the Manual” or self diagnose. I’m not being silly here, but it’s the simple things like checking power, checking connections, switching on power rebooting, etc etc.

But where I find the “resistant agenda” to be simply wrong – is where a “conscious” decision is made to make things difficult – so that the consumer is made to give up – even though they have a valid issue. (ultimately this leads to “perceived indifference” – and they will end up taking their business elsewhere.)

I am living with several of these “resistant agenda’s” at present – one in particular in relation to an insurance company claim. This company who I have dealt with for both Motor Vehicle and Household insurance – is simply not living up to the claims….

I rave about their customer service – in motor vehicles claims – it was simply everything I expected, and more. And this lead me to transfer my household insurance to them. But now that I need to make a claim on household insurance, it seems there is not the same customer service as I’d come to expect. Without going into the details, instead of them servicing me, now it seems I am servicing them. In short they are not chasing me, but I have to chase them – and that is possibly what I’d call a “consciously resistive agenda”.

Is it justified – perhaps. Think of it this way – Would I forgo “customer service” for a higher return on my claim?? I mean it’s all money spent in the end, and as a claim-ee where would I rather see the money go – more people in the call centre, or in my pocket.

Anyway, my conclusion would be this.

Identify early if you are dealing with a “consciously resistive agenda”, and if you are, then do your homework, get prepared, and go hard early.

You’ll save everyones time, and perhaps get the result you want sooner than you think.

PS – And before you think this is an excuse to be rude – IT’S NOT!!. Simply be firm – and get your own house in order. If you are dealing with this kind of customer service team, they are all people to and they don’t all agree with it – often being nice and helpful will get them on your side, and you’ll end up getting a better result.

Go Hard – Good Luck!

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