A picture (video) is worth a thousand words!

Problem: demonstrating an intricate problem is almost impossible – replicating it is harder again!

I can hear it now – “we can’t fix it because we can’t replicate it!” or “I have followed your written instructions, but I don’t get the same result as you describe”

quod erat demonstrandum – FAIL! or more an impass has been reached.

Solution: Screen cast it, and it’s free!

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. For those of us who don’t sit in the next office with that developer we need to inform about the specifics of a particular problem we are trying to replicate, Screen casting is very much a solution. Not only that, but it provides a record for others to reference.

Importantly, though you can add your own voice comments as you do it.

Oh, and it’s free, it works.


Why do I think it’s good? – because anything that can cut down the time back and forth trying to prove an issue, and demonstrate it such that it is beyond dispute – has to better for all of us.

And, for anyone already using this…. Cool!!

PS: if you need something to play the shockwave files check out http://www.globfx.com/products/swfplayer/ – Also – it’s free!

PPS: get with the modern age.!

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